Why People Love The Program Hasb E Haal

A vast collection of various comedy shows available on a platform, these shows give you full of entertainment.  Sohail Ahmed, who is the most favorite comedian of the audience, performs only in the TV show, although Najia Baig and Junaid Saleem enlarge the entertainment with a laugh. They both are the hosts of the show today, I would like to share some scenes of an episode, where Sohail Ahmed appeared as Azizi. He played an amazing role which was the main character, Sohail Ahmed has played different politician’s characters, including the prime minister Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan, Pervaiz Musharaf and many others.

On this platform you can get all episodes of the show Hasb e Haal without any irritation and hurdle,  everyone who likes comedy and want to entertain with it. They can easily watch all videos specially when they missed to watch any episode can watch all shows easily.

images (32)

It is worth mentioning here that the opinion of the show management is yet to be cleared, but Najia is likley to join Aftab Iqbal, senior Journalist and host of Khabardar, a political comedy show on Express News. Hasb-e-Haal is a political comedy show that airs on Dunya TV at 11:05 pm from Thursday to Sunday.

If you want to get entertained with Funny Videos of Hasb e Haal just visit comedy. Polk, this is the platform which gives you everything on your choice. Not only this but you can  also enjoy all comedy shows can be Pakistani and Indian as well.


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