How Saba Qamar’s work as host in “Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain”

Pakistani actress Saba Qamar appeared in many episodes of comedy program Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain, she is a really nice actress. Saba has different skills has worked as host, actress, model and she appeared in 2004. Sabahat Qamar is her real name got birth in Gujranwala, she grew up while being live there, later she moved for making her career on screen which was her passion.

She has appeared in several hit TV serials, films and as a host of a satire based comedy show, Hum Sub Umeed Say Hain.She has won multiple Best TV Actress Awards. Her brilliant performances in Pani Jaisa Pyar, Dastaan, Maat, and Ullu Baraye Farokht Nahi made the serials super hit.


Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain show hosted by three Saba Qamar, Fiza Ali and Mehwish Hayat, it is divided in three portions  first week Mehwish Hayat hosted, second and third week hosted by Fiza Ali and Saba Qamar respectively.

Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain contains the comic way to show our political issues and dummies involved in politics. This show Funny Video Clips are available on, though everyone can enjoy by visiting here. Saba Qamar is one of the best hosts, not only this she appeared in different top ranked Pakistani dramas. Some popular dramas are Dastaan, Thakan, Maat, Digest Writer and many others.

Saba Qamar is also going to make her acting debut in Bollywood, which is untitled movie oppose the super star Irfan Khan. Pakistani movies are listed Aina, Manto, 8969, Lahore Se Aagay and Kambakht not release till now.


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